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Tag archives for Injury Prevention

Runners/Walkers: Stretches for Injury Prevention and Flexibility

STRETCH! Join Stephanie for her segment on stretching. Follow her video to prevent injury, increase the quality of your runs/walks and decrease aches and …253


Dr. Rahul Deshmukh- Injury Prevention Tips for Runners

Dr. Rahul Deshmukh, Orthopedic Surgeon and fellowship trained sports medicine specialist, offers advice to runners preparing for Jacksonville’s Gate River Run …46


DC Multisport Guest Lecture and Discussion: Injury Prevention for Runners and Triathletes

Our guest educator for his topic was BLAINE STEIMEL, MSPT. Blaine is a practicing Physical Therapist and an accomplished runner and triathlete.2994


Running specific exercise for injury prevention

This clip is to highlight getting specific with exercise to enhance performance and minimise injury in runners.593


How runners can avoid knee pain

After miles and miles of use, a runner’s legs take a beating. Running coach, John Henwood, explains the proper way to train so that runners can avoid painful …87


Runners Lounge – On The Run: Injury Prevention

Tips from Tom on injury prevention for runners.189


Hip opening yoga sequence and leg stretch for runners

Stretching sequence especially for runners. This is crucial for injury prevention!861


Injury Prevention for Runners with Mini Band.

Prevent knee pain and shin splints with this time efficient and challenge mini band workout. You will workout your hips with mini band monster walks variations …108


Injury Prevention for runners: Exercise 3



Best Injury Prevention Exercises for Runners

Full details: [removed] Instagram: RunToTheFinish Site: [removed] …56